• About the Club

    The Strafford Club was founded in 1995 by students at the University of St Andrews, Fife and was modelled on earlier organisations at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. It is named after Thomas Wentworth, the 1st Earl of Strafford who was executed in 1641 whilst trying to protect his monarch, Charles 1.

    The Club’s purpose is to uphold the notion of Government by constitutional monarchy, both in Great Britain and abroad. It has over 200 members, both current and former students of St Andrews, as well as academics and distinguished figures who support its aims. It holds regular dinners in St Andrews, London and in Asia, where a number of former members are now based.

    The Club is presided over by a Council, headed by the Chancellor, which directs its activities. The current Chancellor is Donald Findlay QC, LLB, MPhil, FRSA, one of Scotland’s leading lawyers and former Lord Rector of the University of St Andrews.

  • Contact Details

    For undergraduate events at the University of St Andrews: enquiries@strafforclub.org.uk
    For events in London: london@straffordclub.org.uk
    For events in Asia: oriental@straffordclub.org.uk